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We provide your own branded Residence App

We provide your own branded Residence App

PingLocker builds web applications, based on the latest and most powerful HTML5 technology. It works with a simple URL, without downloads or friction. PingLocker is optimized to fit any platform: iOS, Android, Windows 8, Mac or PC. We also develop native applications available in the App Store and Google Play. These branded apps for your business leverage beautiful native features such as push notifications, offline storage, Apple Pay and more.

Residence App Features

We build your white label property App. Your property is more than a list. It’s a dynamic mix of people, services and experiences. PingLocker provides the platform for guests to learn about and interact with your business.
Just some of the standard features available for your Property App:

✔︎ Amenities - Showcase amenities, services and location information to increase guest awareness, whether they’re on-site or planning their next visit.
✔︎ Local Information - Provide residents with information on local restaurants, bars and more
✔︎ Concierge Services - Offer a range of on demand services for residents in the building, select local vendors and partners
✔︎ Package Delivery - Provide notifications on packages that are ready for collection
✔︎ Multi Lingual - Connect and communicate with guests worldwide in their native language. We maintain 20+ languages, so that you don't have to.
✔︎  Maintenance - Residents can report any maintenance issues via the app, anytime✔︎  Events Calendar - Build engagement and communicate events for residents and guests✔︎  Build Engagement - Instant chat feature and between residents and your teams✔︎  Home Owners Manuals - Information regarding the residents apartment and appliances

Built for Business

Built for business and tech friendly. 

Integrations for a seamless end-to-end technology stack. PingLocker comes with integrations, Business Intelligence, API's and Add-Ons:

✔︎ Create a seamless resident experience with integration of your existing PMS, POS or any other system into your App
✔︎ Scalable - Built on a redundant and robust architecture so we're always there for you and your residents
✔︎ Easy Access - Multiple platforms and low barrier to entry allows easy access for your residents and even easier access for their interaction
✔︎ Dashboards and analytics on your residents usage, revenues generated, popular pages

Benefits from App

  • Data drives businesses forward - draw insights on data to improve efficiency and enhance the resident experience across your property portfolio
  • Exceed expectations - improving your service starts with improving your operations and amenities available to residents.
  • Improve retention and re-bookers - Building a strong community and engagement platform with residents increases your opportunity to increase renewals, from more targeted offers and incentives
  • Reduce operating costs - Spend less o technology that does more for your business, outsource non value add activities to PingLocker

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