Leodis Square Club Room & TV Area

Book to host an occasion with family or friends

The Club Room is available from 7am until 10pm daily

You can book for between 4 & 6hours at a time, starting from 7am in the morning. The last booking starts at 4pm (6pm if you only wish to use it for 4 hours). You may book up to 2 sessions each day. The Club Room comes complete with a Kitchen and TV area. If you need help operating any of the appliances or the TV, please contact a member of our team, who will be happy to assist. 
A maximum of 20 individuals can make use of the Club Room at any one time. You are required to provide the names of the guests that you will be inviting and their contact details at least 12 hours in advance of your booking - please email leodissquare@dandaraliving.com with details. For the benefit of other residents and their guests please make sure you leave this area tidy, and as you found it, before leaving.

Terms of use for the Club Room & TV Area

  • Guests must always be accompanied by a resident. The resident booking is responsible for the actions of all guests.

  • You may cancel your booking – but please let us know as soon as possible so we can offer your time slot to other residents.

  • You must not alter the air conditioning/heating controls, if you require a change to the settings please contact a member of our team.

  • Pets are NOT allowed in this area.
  • Food and drinks are permitted, but please tidy up any rubbish before you leave. Please make sure you notify a member of our team if you have accidentally spilled anything.

  • When using the TV, please make sure that you log out of any Apps or Streaming services before you finish.

  • The following are not permitted in the Club Room: Smoking and Vaping.

  • CCTV is in operation for security purposes.

  • Any resident who fails to clean the space or is found to be in breach of these terms will be prevented from using this room on future occasions.