Valet Laundry Service

We collect, wash, dry and return your clothes to your room

A remote control for your laundry basket

A super convenient laundry service freeing up your time to do more important (fun) things. Order online, we collect, clean and deliver your laundry, all you have to do is put it away. We will collect, service and deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Valet Laundry Service

Order a one-off service wash from £15.  Our standard valet laundry service involves a member of our team collecting your laundry and returning it the same-day to your room.A standard service is a simple, wash, dry and fold. Our Premium service includes, hand folded and your items being wrapped or ironed.Save 20% with our weekly valet laundry subscription plan from just £10/week.Please note: All items should be machine washable and can be tumbled dried. Unless you specify separate dark and light colours you washing will be washed as a single load.