Londonist Ironing

24/7 Ironing Service

How It Works

  • Place the items that you would like ironed in your laundry bag (or any bag if you are a first-time customer – see below).
  • Drop off your laundry bag in any open laundry locker in your residence. Close the locker door and lock using any 4-digit number and turn the lock. If there are no lockers available in your building, you can drop the items off at reception.
  • Place your order below - We will collect, iron and redeliver your order within 48 hours. Once delivered you will receive confirmation of the locker number and the 4 digit code to access the locker for collection. 

For first-time customers: please place your laundry in any bag, ensuring you noticeably label it with your name, room number, mobile and email. We will confirm when we have collected your order via SMS and email Your freshly ironed laundry will then be redelivered in a personal garment bag which can be used for future orders.