Guest Beds

Guest Bed Rental

Guest Bed Rental

If you have family or friends coming to visit you, you can order a guest bed to ensure their stay is much more comfortable. Order online and collect from a locker in your residence. Our luxury inflatable single airbed comes with a built in electric pump, and is supplied with a duvet, pillow and sheets. Please note we recommend ordering a minimum of 24 hours in advance due to high demand.

How It Works

  • Order your guest bed by selecting the date it is required and number of nights you wish to rent for.
  • We will notify you when your bed is ready for collection, from the 24/7 service lockers.
  • Collect your guest bed at any time, using the 4-digit code that we send you to open the locker door.
  • When finished, drop off the guest bed into an empty locker (lock the locker with any 4-digit code) and notify us (via the App) where you dropped it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included with your guest bed service?
The bed is a Single Size Deluxe Pillow Rest Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump that inflates in under 2 minutes. We also provide a pillow, duvet and all your sheets.
  • How long can I rent a guest bed for?
You can rent a guest bed for 1-7 nights. Simply select the number of nights when placing your order. 
  • Where do I collect the Guest Bed from?
The guest bed can be collected from the digital service lockers in Tower A at GreenGate. If you are unsure of where the lockers are, please ask a member of the on-site team.
  • Do I have to order in advance?
Due to high demand, we recommend that you pre-book your guest bed rental. This will ensure the bed is available when you need it.

  • Where do I return the bed?
The guest bed must be returned to the same digital service lockers in the building by 16.00 on the rental end date, then locking the door by entering any 4-digit number. You can then let us know where you have dropped the bed via the App.